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Gokarna to Mumbai by Taxi

 Gokarna to Mumbai by Taxi

Gokarna to Mumbai airport by taxi took 13 hours and cost us 17,000 rupees.

Gokarna to Mumbai
Gokarna to Mumbai

Taxi from Kudle beach, Gokarna, Karnataka to Mumbai airport

Realizing we were a day ahead of what we thought, we decided to get a taxi to Mumbai airport.

Our option was a coach leaving 14 hours before the taxi would, arriving so early we would of had to stay in a Mumbai hotel for one night. Then still having to get a further taxi from hotel to airport.

So a taxi it was!

The coach would have cost us 1,ooo rupees and would have took roughly 12 hours.

The train was a complicated journey with changeovers and uncertainties, fine if you are travelling but not if you are catching a plane.

So again, a taxi from Gokarna to Mumbai airport it was to be!


Gokarna to Mumbai Airport by Taxi 2015

Our hotel manager, who we had struck up a good relationship with, organised the taxi. His friend Lowcase picked us up on time and took a friend with him so that they could share the long drive together.

We left at 11.00 and arrived at 01.00 the next day.

The drivers drove around Goa entirely to avoid tax charges. Even though they must have hit at least 8 tolls along the way and one police stop, denting their profit for the service.

The drivers were happy to stop off whenever we were hungry and were friendly all the way. I enjoyed the ride. There was some catching scenery and after the bus and train journeys we had taken earlier in the trip it felt like luxury.

I was happy we made this choice and we got to the airport on time.


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