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Mumbai to Goa by Train

Mumbai to Goa by Train

Mumbai to Goa is roughly 600 km. The same distance as travelling from Brighton to Glasgow! You can take the train, bus or taxi. This time we chose to take the train.

Mumbai to Goa
Mumbai to Goa

We were quoted 12,000 rupees for a taxi from Mumbai to Goa.


From Mumbai airport to Mumbai central train station in a taxi will take roughly one hour and cost 700 rupees.

We chose Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or railway station as this area (Marine Drive) was supposed to be a decent district in Mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus formerly known as Victoria Terminus is a UNESCO world heritage site, historic railway station and headquarters of central railway stations in India. Designed by Frederick William Stevens in 1887 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

We stayed over one night in Mumbai. It wasn’t easy to find a decent hotel. It was a ditry city and so were alot of the Hotels. In the end we stayed at Outram Hotel for 1,100 rupees and it was decent for that amount.

Mumbai to Goa by train cost us 1050 rupees and took 12 hours. We chose third class which meant there were six people per carriage. First class would mean two per carriage and second class would mean four per carriage.


You can take faster trains that do not make stops along the way.

The train left at seven in the morning and arrived at seven in the evening.


Mumbai to Goa by Train 2015

It was a sleeper train so you will have one bed per person so you can chill and sit or lie and sleep. The first stop from Mumbai to Goa by Train inside Goa was ten hours into the journey but we chose to get off in Margao which was the last stop taking twelve hours.

We also chose air conditioning which was nice in this climate but also meant windows locked shut to keep the cool air in. This was a restriction when wanting to appreciate the scenery. However the doors at the end of each carriage were unlocked, you could open them and sit freely taking photos and looking around.

On the train you will get breakfast and lunch, both a decent meal. The best omelette I ever ate and a chicken/vegetable Buryani curry.

Tea coffee and other snacks will be offered to you constantly through the whole journey.

The coffee was 7 rupees a cup. Be very careful with the coffee on the train. It is served at boiling point and I spilt half onto my stomach. Resulting in second degree burns and took two weeks to heal before I could dip into that beautiful Goan sea.


I can’t say this was an easy journey but it was interesting, scenic and it gets you down south towards the beautiful Goan beaches.


  • Mumbai Airport – Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus – 1 hour, 700 rupees
  • Mumbai Hotel 1 night, Outram Hotel – 1100 rupees
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai – Margao Station, Goa – 12 hours, 1050 rupees
  • Margao Station, Goa – Palolem Beach Resort, Goa – 1 hour, 800 rupees


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Gokarna to Mumbai by Taxi

 Gokarna to Mumbai by Taxi

Gokarna to Mumbai airport by taxi took 13 hours and cost us 17,000 rupees.

Gokarna to Mumbai
Gokarna to Mumbai

Taxi from Kudle beach, Gokarna, Karnataka to Mumbai airport

Realizing we were a day ahead of what we thought, we decided to get a taxi to Mumbai airport.

Our option was a coach leaving 14 hours before the taxi would, arriving so early we would of had to stay in a Mumbai hotel for one night. Then still having to get a further taxi from hotel to airport.

So a taxi it was!

The coach would have cost us 1,ooo rupees and would have took roughly 12 hours.

The train was a complicated journey with changeovers and uncertainties, fine if you are travelling but not if you are catching a plane.

So again, a taxi from Gokarna to Mumbai airport it was to be!


Gokarna to Mumbai Airport by Taxi 2015

Our hotel manager, who we had struck up a good relationship with, organised the taxi. His friend Lowcase picked us up on time and took a friend with him so that they could share the long drive together.

We left at 11.00 and arrived at 01.00 the next day.

The drivers drove around Goa entirely to avoid tax charges. Even though they must have hit at least 8 tolls along the way and one police stop, denting their profit for the service.

The drivers were happy to stop off whenever we were hungry and were friendly all the way. I enjoyed the ride. There was some catching scenery and after the bus and train journeys we had taken earlier in the trip it felt like luxury.

I was happy we made this choice and we got to the airport on time.


‘Not until we are lost …do we begin to understand ourselves!’


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Anjuna to Gokarna by Train

Anjuna to Gokarna by Train

Anjuna to Gokarna Road by train, rickshaw and taxi.

Anjuna to Gokarna
Anjuna to Gokarna

First of all we took a taxi from Anjuna Beach to Madgoan Train Station, Margao. This took 1 hour and 20 minutes and cost us 1,200 rupees, bartered down from 1,300 rupees.

The train was due to leave at 13.00 and it was on time. The train took 3 hours and cost 30 rupees each.

The train from Anjuna to Gokarna was clean and spacious. The train was not busy so there was plenty of room to lay about and enjoy the Indian scenery.

Refreshments were served as always on the train. Hot Coffee 7 rupees, hot Chai (tea) 5 rupees and Samosa’s 20 rupees for two.


Anjuna to Gokarna

Once at Gokarna Road Station we took a rickshaw down to Kudle Beach for 250 rupees. This journey took about 20 minutes.


We did enquire about a taxi the whole way there from Anjuna to Gokarna but the driver said due to taxes from one district to another (Goa to Karnataka) it would be expensive. He refused to even quote a price.

Kudle Beach, Gokarna is my favourite place in India so far. It has a real hippy tribal atmosphere. On the beach there may be a randon tribal drumming gathering. People having bonfires, playing thier guitar and passing joints. Tourism doesnt have a grip here yet so the beach is clean and the sea is clear. But there is still enough service to get a cold beer and WiFi.


Anjuna Beach, Goa to Kudle Beach, Gokarna

  • Anjuna Beach, Goa to Madgoan Station, Margao – Taxi, 1,200 rupees
  • Madgaon Station, Margao to Gokarna Road Station – Train, 30 rupees
  • Gokarna Road Station to Kudle Beach, Gokarna – Rickshaw, 250 rupees


‘Buy the ticket …take the ride!’


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