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Anjuna to Gokarna by Train

Anjuna to Gokarna by Train

Anjuna to Gokarna Road by train, rickshaw and taxi.

Anjuna to Gokarna
Anjuna to Gokarna

First of all we took a taxi from Anjuna Beach to Madgoan Train Station, Margao. This took 1 hour and 20 minutes and cost us 1,200 rupees, bartered down from 1,300 rupees.

The train was due to leave at 13.00 and it was on time. The train took 3 hours and cost 30 rupees each.

The train from Anjuna to Gokarna was clean and spacious. The train was not busy so there was plenty of room to lay about and enjoy the Indian scenery.

Refreshments were served as always on the train. Hot Coffee 7 rupees, hot Chai (tea) 5 rupees and Samosa’s 20 rupees for two.


Anjuna to Gokarna

Once at Gokarna Road Station we took a rickshaw down to Kudle Beach for 250 rupees. This journey took about 20 minutes.


We did enquire about a taxi the whole way there from Anjuna to Gokarna but the driver said due to taxes from one district to another (Goa to Karnataka) it would be expensive. He refused to even quote a price.

Kudle Beach, Gokarna is my favourite place in India so far. It has a real hippy tribal atmosphere. On the beach there may be a randon tribal drumming gathering. People having bonfires, playing thier guitar and passing joints. Tourism doesnt have a grip here yet so the beach is clean and the sea is clear. But there is still enough service to get a cold beer and WiFi.


Anjuna Beach, Goa to Kudle Beach, Gokarna

  • Anjuna Beach, Goa to Madgoan Station, Margao – Taxi, 1,200 rupees
  • Madgaon Station, Margao to Gokarna Road Station – Train, 30 rupees
  • Gokarna Road Station to Kudle Beach, Gokarna – Rickshaw, 250 rupees


‘Buy the ticket …take the ride!’


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