Palolem to Gokarna by Train

Palolem to Gokarna by Train

Palolem to Gokarna by train took 3 hours and cost 30 rupees.

Palolem to Gokarna
Palolem to Gokarna

The rickshaw from Palolem Beach to Canacona station took 15 minutes and cost 100 rupees.

Palolem Beach Resort had a stunning beach, plenty to do with banana boats, speed boats, jet skis, shopping and some fantastic restaurants. However its not as hippy as it was. Its more touristy now and the hippies have moved south. I nearly got into a couple of fights with people touching up my girlfriend which is definitely not what I went there for. But overall it is still a great place.

The train from Palolem to Gokarna was due to leave at 13.00 but on this day it was one hour late. It set off at 14.00 and arrived at Gokarna Road at 17.00.

The train from Palolem to Gokarna Road was nice and spacious and was not busy. You could easily have a couple of seats to yourself to chill or lay down and sleep. The scenery was beautiful.


The rickshaw from Gokarna Road station to Kudle Beach took 20 minutes and cost 200 rupees.


Palolem beach resort, Goa to Kudle Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna is the place to be. Stunning beaches, chilled atmosphere, romantic if your with your girlfriend, a great hang out if your with your mates. A real hippy feel to it, bonfires and drums on the beach, volleyball and people chilling out playing their guitars.


You can stay on Kudle Beach, Om Beach or Half Moon Beach. Kudle Beach was my favorite but they were all cool. Further down is Paradise Beach which is an actual hippy commune where westerners are living in tents, hammocks and fishing in the sea for food.


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