Indian Visa Leicester

Indian Visa Leicester

Indian visa Leicester. To travel to India for a holiday as a British citizen you will need an Indian tourist visa.


Indian Visa

You can apply for 3 or 6 months, multiple or single entry. All options are the same price.

You can obtain this from the Peepul Centre just outside the Leicester City Center.

First of all you will have to go online and book an appointment at the Peepul Centre. Then print off the Indian visa application form on their website and fill it in.

You will take this application form with you to your appointment. You will also need to take your passport of which they will keep. You will also need 2x visa photographs, you can get these at a large Asda or Tesco nearby for £7.


Indian Visa Leicester Peepul Centre

You cannot pay with cash at The Peepul Centre!

The price of the tourist visa is £92.20.

You will then be hit with a surprise charge for delivery. I wanted to pick my passport with visa up from the Peepul Centre on completion but this wasn’t possible. You have to have it delivered to your home address and the charge is a steep £11.80! …you can opt for your own delivery service but it was too late for me to organize that at this point.


Total Cost of Indian Visa £111.

The service is good though. You will be given a delivery date roughly seven days ahead. Also you will be sent text messages on receipt and dispatch of your passport.

Good news. When in India you can now make a ‘border run.’ In the past after being in India for six months on a tourist visa you would need to leave the country for two months before returning. Now you can travel to the border to renew your visa on the same day.



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