Hotel in Anjuna Goa

Hotel in Anjuna Goa

Hotel in Anjuna Goa. The La Joia Hotel in Anjuna is the best value for money room I have experienced in the whole of India.

Hotel in Anjuna
Hotel in Anjuna

The style of this hotel is delightful. The whole hotel is a piece of artwork for you to feast your eyes on. Every staircase, doorway and wall has been given thought with its shabby chic/ Moroccan look.

Even the corridor continued this shabby chic/ Moroccan design. The hotel is quality throughout.


The used wood, painted wooden floor boards, book shelves and mosaic tiling are a pleasure sit in and relax.


The La Joia Hotel is situated just behind the Anjuna beach front. All the action is still on your doorstep but it is just far enough off the track to chill peacefully.

The backlit bookshelves were a nice touch with low light to help prevent the attack of mosquitoes.


The room was self contained with shower, toilet and sink. They were clean and stylish.

La Joia Hotel
La Joia Hotel


Hotel in Anjuna Goa 2015

The staff were friendly and clearly believed in providing quality.

Downstairs they have a kitchen serving food and drinks. They also have a lounge or social area where they sometimes have entertainment.

Our room was 1,500 rupees for a night. We turned up on the day and got a room but you can also book in advance with email.

The Hotel can be found on facebook under Elephant Art Cafe.


‘I would gladly live out of a suitcase …if it meant I could see the world!’


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