Gokarna to Anjuna by Train

Gokarna to Anjuna by Train

Gokarna to Anjuna Beach Resort by train, rickshaw and taxi.

The rickshaw from Kudle Beach to Gokarna Road train station took 20 minutes and cost 250 rupees.

Gokarna to Anjuna
Gokarna to Anjuna

The train left Gokarna Road at 10.00 in the morning. It took 3 hours and cost 30 rupees each.

The train from Gokarna to Anjuna was spacious, clean and quiet enough for you to sit or even lay and have a sleep. The view was scenic and beautiful.

Refreshments were served as always on the train. Hot Coffee 7 rupees, hot Chai (tea) 5 rupees and Samosa’s 20 rupees for two.

Once at Madgaon Station we took a rickshaw to the bus station costing us 120 rupees and taking 10 minutes.

The bus/coach from Margao to Anjuna Beach is 20 rupees. However when we arrived at the bus station we were told there were no more buses to Anjuna Beach on that day. We settled for a taxi. I would imagine on the bus it would have taken about 3 hours.

Gokarna to Anjuna Beach

The taxi from Madgaon station, Margao to Anjuna Beach took 1 hour 30 minutes and cost 1,200 rupees. We were quoted 1,700 rupees from the first driver so I said 1,200 rupees, walked off and he didn’t follow. The second driver quoted 1,250. I bartered 1,200 rupees and offered to shake on it, he accepted the offer but refused to shake my hand saying the 50 rupees was his profit. I didn’t believe this, hopefully it wasn’t true, and by the end of the journey he was chatty and friendly.


Kudle Beach, Gokarna to Anjuna Beach, Goa

  • Kudle Beach, Gokarna to Gokarna Road Station – Rickshaw, 250 rupees
  • Gokarna Road Station to Madgoan Station, Margao – Train, 30 rupees
  • Madgoan Station, Margao to Margao Bus Station – Rickshaw, 120 rupees
  • Madgoan Bus Station, Margao to Anjuna Beach, Goa – Taxi, 1,200 rupees

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